Richard Klein

President & CEO RHK Recovery Group

With over 30 years of industry experience, Richard oversees RHK Recovery Groups day to day business operations. Through hard work and practical hands on experience, he has learned all aspects of credit and accounts receivable management. Richard is highly regarded for providing consulting services for clients on Receivable Management operations and solutions. Richard has conducted numerous seminars on best practices for company accounts receivable processes and determining credit risk. He has been intimately involved in many Insolvency proceedings and procedures. He has served as Chair of Creditors’ Committees as well as effectuating the liquidation of debtor companies accounts receivables for the benefit of creditors. Richard has the unique ability to analyze any situation related to past due receivables, credit analysis, and insolvency and he is able to quickly and efficiently provide on the money solutions.

Mike Rainer

Managing Director

Prior to joining RHK Recovery Group in 2008, Michael was in the financial industry sector where among other things he was responsible for over site of production and sales, supervision of operations, determining company strategy as well as marketing plans. In Michael's capacity as Managing director here at RHK, he is responsible for marketing and sales, maintaining client relationships, oversight of claims sectors. Michael brings a passion for his position to the table making sure client needs are not only met but exceeded. Michael received his BBA in Banking and Finance from Hofstra University.

Christine Shevlin

Operations Director

Christine joined RHK in 2013 as Operations Director. Before joining RHK Recovery Group, Christine worked for a Receivable Management company where she managed files in the various stages of legal matters ensuring that cases flowed properly as well as managing operating and disbursing accounts. As Operations Director, Christine’s responsibilities include overseeing the flow of collection files, working directly with attorneys, managing our accounting team, and all aspects of office operations. Christine received her BA from Adelphi University.

Lisa Ringel

Director of Credit

Lisa came to our team from the Fashion Industry. Originally hired as a part time credit analyst, she quickly moved through the ranks becoming instrumental in the design and roll out of our CCRS platform. Today, Lisa continues to work with our platform designers to bring further enhancements for the continued needs of our clientele. She heads up our credit team and works directly with clients to insure that all credit needs are processed as well as maintaining relationships with new and existing clients.

Michael Rodriguez

Collections Manager

Michael is the Collection Manager at RHK Recovery Group. Michael came to us from a National Collection Agency, and in 2013 was promoted to Collection Manager. Michael has been in the collection industry for a number of years. His knowledge of how the collection process works as well as his ability to quickly analyze and adjust for various claims make him a vital part of our team.

Audra Peskin

Senior Credit Coordinator

Audra has been part of the RHK Recovery Group team since 2011 and has taken a lead role as an analyst with our credit team providing updates and answers for clientele. Audra also provides support for The RHK Delinquency Bulletin handling all phases of writing, accumulation of information, reproduction and presentation. Audra received a Bachelor's and Master's Degree from The University of Hartford.

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